Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kendall and Kylie Will Take on NY Fashion Week

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Kanye West isn’t going to be the only member of his reality TV family on the New York Fashion Week schedule this season. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, who have been staples at Lincoln Center for a few years front row and on the runway, will present their first standalone collection on February 8, Glamour reports.

The famous sisters have put their names on lines for PacSun and Topshop in the past, but this will reportedly be their big solo debut breaking away from a backer. Kendall + Kylie, as the collection is called, will include a full range of apparel, swimwear, and footwear.

“I really love it. We’ve been excited about this for a while,” Kendall told Footwear News back when news of their latest venture first came out. 

Kylie, who’s equally as enthused as her sister, said, “Our collections have evolved with us and our fans.” She added, “It’s fun because the clothes and shoes we have created are so much different than what we would have done two years ago.” 

Clothing will be priced affordably for their legions of fans, with most items capping out at $250.  [Source]

Friday, May 8, 2015

Brazilian Waxes, yay or nay? Men Weigh In

I'm old enough to remember the days before everyone went to the nail shop. These days you can get your nails and your personal area groomed, at the same shop. Whether you like Brazilian waxes, or not, I feel safe saying this trend is probably going to be around for a while. But what do men think? Yahoo Style reports on some opinions.
Special thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and the women of Sex and the City for bringing Brazilians to the forefront of our imaginations — and keeping them there. Ever since the show’s debut and the multi-million dollar success of the feature films, more and more women have dared to bare it all — or are, at the very least, thinking about keeping the feminine landscape trimmed and tight. Opting for sans hair down there has thoroughly split the sexes straight down the middle. (And the sexual innuendo of the article is at its peak, mind you.)
While women find the hairless hack to be refreshing, freeing and easier to maintain (yes, all things real women have said), how do dudes feel about the Brazilian Wax? Are they excited, confused — or seriously contemplating coming back for seconds?
Some guys love the idea of a shaved, hairless woman because:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Serena Williams Covers Vogue 2015

Serena Williams, the current number 1 ranked woman tennis player in the world is on the cover of the April 2015 edition of Vogue.  In this striking cover photo Serena wears eyeliner, brow pencil, lip gloss and little else. This year in makeup, less really is more and the low makeup look really works to accentuate Serena's strength and beauty. In Serena's interview for Vogue, she talks about her friendship with fellow tennis champ, Caroline Wozniacki, as well as her decision to return to the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells for the first time since 2001. You can read all about it and see more pictures of Serena here.

Tyra Banks Chops Her Hair off For Spring

Extra long hair has been the trend for quite a few years now, so it's not surprising that celebrities like Tyra Banks are ready for a different hair direction in 2015. Short hair is easy to care for, draws attention to your features and makes your eyes pop. Tyra Banks captioned the selfie of her new hair cut, #NotTooShort. Paired with smoky eyes, this pixie cut gives Tyra a fresh and youthful look. What do you think?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The International Beauty Show, NYC and the Beard Presence

Yahoo Beauty reports that men's grooming products were a big presence at the  International Beauty Show in New York City this March. I for one am excited about this "trend" and hope it never goes away. I never understood the belief that women were supposed to take care of themselves, but on the other hand men were not. Anyway, it's 2015 and beards are in. Beards are a man thing (for the most part) and beards need special care. Hence the explosion in men's grooming products. Coming soon, best beard care tips.

The other presence of course were mannequin heads. I tend to forget that these are considered creepy outside of cosmetology world. Coming soon, best mannequin care tips (for those of us who use and like them).

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Estee Lauder Introduces Kendall Jenner in Little Black Primer

So you may be wondering, what is Little Black Primer? This is a mascara base that is tinted black so it can be worn alone or underneath your regular mascara.

How do you use it? Apply the primer to bare lashes and go for a natural look. Apply one coat of Primer and then apply your regular mascara on top. Or, apply Primer, then regular mascara, then use Primer again as a top coat to set your mascara.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (Review)

It took me a while to get around to reviewing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish because I was busy discovering the wonders of water-based nail polish (more on that later). Fast forward a couple of months later, and I’m ready to write about my experience. SH Miracle Gel is nail polish with gel-like qualities, but you don’t need a LED or UV light to cure it. With two coats of your color of choice and one of top coat, SH promises a gel-like manicure that can last for up to 14 days.

Application is simple. Simply apply the polish to clean, oil free nails with light strokes. The wide, flat brush is easy to handle and makes it easy to apply thin layers. Seal with the clear top coat and you have a shiny manicure that looks great and feels durable.